520 Extened heavy duty ATV chain

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Special Instructions

520 Extened heavy duty ATV chain

  • Non-O-ring
  • Quality engineered for strength and durability 
  • All chains are pre-stretched and shot-peened 
  • Precision tolerances for perfect balance in every pitch 
  • Complete with oiling hole in the bushing to insure proper lubrication
  • Tensile strength 6600 lbs.

NOTE: Non o'ring chains make 1-2 more H.P. at the rear wheel compared to an o'ring chain because they have less drag . This is why most use non o'ring chains.


520 Pro-Street VX2 Series X-Ring Chain 120 Links Natural Steel Black

  • Premium VX Series X-Ring Chain
  • All components shot-peened and heat treated
  • Patented "TFC" connecting link
  • Special low-friction "X" type O-ring is used to increase performance and provide better sealing to keep dirt out and lubrication in
  • Superior strength to combat breakage
  • Comes with clip style connecting link