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    Dobeck Performance, EFI, SAFR, UTVs & ATVs

    Shop for Dobeck Performance EFI controllers and SAFR here at Fullflight Racing. Dobeck Performance makes high-quality EJK controllers like the EJK Fuel Controller GEN 3 and the EJK Fuel Controller GEN 3.5. Dobeck Performance is known for their EFI electronic fuel injection controllers for ATVs and UTVs. Check out the TFI Fuel Controller GEN 2, AFR+ Auto-Tune System GEN 4, TFI Fuel Controller GEN 2 and their AFR+ Auto-Tune System GEN 4. Browse all the Dobeck Performance ATV parts and UTV parts here. 

    If you have any questions about Dobeck Performance UTV parts, Dobeck Performance TFI fuel controllers, Dobeck Performance EJK controllers or Dobeck Performance's tuning systmes for ATVs and UTVs drop us a line, we're happy to help.