Fullflight Racing Dealer Application

To become a Fullflight Racing Dealer you can right click on the application below and save it. You can print it and fill it out and send it to Sales@fullflightracing.com

Dealer Discount Tier (per units-A-arms/Swingarms)

0-2 units or $1200=0%

3-6 units or $1201-$2199=7%

7-10 units or $2200-$3499=10%

11-15 units or 3500-$4999=12%

16-up units or $5000-up=15%

We currently offer a super competitive price on our products and really try to provide the best discounts we can with our already low price. The dealer can only mark up their price up to a maximum of 10% over retail. After our first two orders you will automatically be given a discount code of 7% for your future orders. If you want to buy into a higher tier, please contact us with your order amount and we will set up a code for the correct tier based on your order value. Dealers can buy into any tier up front or work into each tier over time.

 DROP-SHIPPING MODEL- We also offer a drop shipping model. You advertise and sell our products in your store or website and when you get a sale you simply place an order with us and input your customers shipping address at checkout  and we process and ship the order directly to your customer (leadtimes apply)and you make money with no inventory just by placing your customer's order with us.

NOTICE: We set our first tier the way we do because in the past we have had many customers take advantage and set up a dealer app and to only order one set to use the discount for their personal order. This allows us to make sure the discount is not being abused and used for the purpose for the dealer to make a profit from their mark up to their customer.

We are excited to bring your company onboard to share our amazing products. It is an honor to work with you. We look forward to the future with your company.

Thank you

Fullflight Racing Team

Open Dealer Application here.