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ELKA Suspension Shocks for ATV's

With ATVs, suspension can make or break the enjoyment of the ride. Suspension can also be a factor in keeping on the ATV, as well as being able to make sharper turns and take bigger bumps without loss of control. It is one of the most important systems on any vehicle, especially on an ATV. An ELKA suspension system for an ATV is custom built to specifications for the vehicle.

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Specifications For Manufacture

When ordering a suspension kit for an ATV, there is a form that must be filled out at ELKA. This form includes-

This is done to allow for a custom made suspension system, not a one-size-fits-all system. This form is detailed in how the vehicle will be used as well. Different road and track conditions need different suspension systems. Riding around the flat back yard is very different from racing through Baja on an off-road jaunt. ELKA takes all of this into account when making every suspension system.

Manufacturing Process

Once all the questions about needs are answered they are placed into the company’s computer. The computer is programmed to take all factors into account and will provide a list of the components for manufacturing the actual system. Manufacturing begins with the shocks that are correct for the system based on the answers previously given. The shocks are placed on a base, which is hand-assembled, as are all parts of this manufacturing process. Springs are filled by a machine for exact measurement. This machine was designed and built specifically for ELKA.

Before loading the hydraulic fluid it will blow out any micro-bubbles of air which may be in the system. These micro-bubbles, if left in the system, would impede performance. ELKA maintains a growing book of performance characteristics for springs. These characteristics tell the craftsman how much hydraulic fluid needs to be added for each specific use of the spring component of the system. Once all components of the various subsystems have been added, the shock is then tested. This is done using nitrogen to fill the shock. It is then subjected to compression testing, also known as a bounce test. This step assures the shock will perform correctly during real-world use. While the shock does most of the dampening of the bounce, the spring is still a large part of the process of having a well-tuned suspension system. ELKA has created a step-by-step process for custom building suspension systems. They were founded in 2000 when two brothers and a friend realized they could build a better suspension system than those on the market for ATVs. They have resisted the temptation to go into mass production, making every suspension system coming out of ELKA custom-made for the vehicle on which it will be placed.

Fullflight Racing is an Authorized Elka dealer. Get yours here.

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