Block Off Plate for RM60 Radio Mounts

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REQUIRED! Color Choice or Special Instructions

This steel block off plate will allow you to cleanly cover the radio mounting hole in an existing RM60 and RM Radio Mount for a streamlined look.

Simply attach the block off plate to your current RM-60 Mount with the (2) included bolts and you're done. Perfect for those who run an intercom only and plan on adding a radio in the future.

The block off plate is powder-coated a textured black to match the RM-60 mount.

Works with:

  • MT-DM-RM60
  • MT-GEN-RM60
  • MT-XP1-RM60
  • MT-XP1-RM25WP
  • MT-YXZ-RM60

    Includes mounting hardware.